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Starting a new business or managing an existing one can be exciting, empowering, and a majority of the time a little overwhelming. You’re the boss and your business will only progress as you do. The world is now evolving to a new and interactive digital landscape to provide consumers with convenient, engaging, and informative user experiences that build trust between themselves and your brand. The importance of establishing a professional and intuitive online presence has now become a standard for today’s customers. I help business owners maintain their competitive edge through tutorials, consulting, and one-on-one tutoring to help them consistently grow their businesses online.

Learn the digital skills you need to grow your online business at your own pace with straight-forward solutions and "step-by-step" tutorials

Save yourself the stress of constantly searching for answers on youtube and google for information you can count on

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About Me

"Don't Live in Fear, Live in Purpose"
- Lynn

Welcome to my internet home! Thank you for stopping by ❤️. I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with fellow entrepreneurs ready to grow their businesses online. To start, my name is Ashlyn, and I reside in the City of Brotherly Love. You can call me “Lynn,” a preferred abbreviation that honors my great grandmother, aunt, and creative pen name “Lynn Sky.”

After working in sales and customer service for 12 years, I discovered a passion for digital marketing and web design, which led me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. My introduction to this space came from assisting creatives—musicians, photographers, designers—who needed websites and digital marketing expertise. I quickly became the “go-to” person for these services!

I dove deep into WordPress, devoured numerous digital marketing and entrepreneurial books, and took various classes to build a comprehensive digital skill set. I learned by doing, working with real clients, and building genuine relationships to identify their online goals and craft custom solutions that brought their visions to life.

“Landings by Lynn” is my little safe space, designed to help individuals build their brands online with reliable resources and information. This platform embodies my commitment to living with purpose and not fear. I hope you find value here and thank you for connecting with me.

I wish you immense success with your ventures and look forward to building with you soon!

I Help Entrepreneurs

Knowledge is power and being a lifetime learner ensures success, scalability, and a competitive edge when growing in both your life and your business. Continued education is vital in excelling in entrepreneurship.

“Showing the way” and  “Leading by example” helps provide impactful guidance to yourself, your peers, and your loved ones.  This encourages accountability, character, and an empowered community.

Building your own business helps create control over your destiny and allows you to create a reality you want to exist in all the time. You are able to live your best life when you are able to do it on your own terms.

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